Cleancrumbs – Panko Breadcrumbs without any preservatives


Breadcrumbs are used to make the foods tasty, crispy, colorful & to provide longer shelf life.

Breadcrumbs can be used as coating with the products

  • Aloo Tikki / Aloo Wada
  • Veg Cutlets
  • Veg / Non Veg Burgers
  • Fish Fry
  • Chicken / Fish / Veg Nuggets
  •  Veg / Non Veg Dry Manchurian
  • Onion rings
  • Breadcrumb is great alternative to Rawa/ Sooji as it consumes & retains less oil & is low in calories


  • [You may apply a thin layer of pre dust on the product before rolling it in batter]
  • Roll your product in viscous liquid batter.
  • Take out breadcrumbs in plate & roll the battered product in the crumbs.
  •  Fry in veg oil for 180 seconds at oil boiling temperature/180 degrees centigrade & the crispy food is ready to eat.
  • SRF offers three different varieties of batters :
    a) Plain Batter
    b) Batter for marine foods
    c) Tempura batter
  • SRF also offer ready to use Pre dust.
  • You can use AMERICAN GRANULAR PANKO BREADCRUMBS [4 MM ABS] OR JAPANESE PANKO BREADCRUMBS [6 mm JBS-Needle Shaped] which are more crispy.

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